Brindisa x Tart Heirloom sobrasada bruschetta & artichoke salad

Sides to go along with our Seared hake with slow cooked heirloom beans and a smoky flamed red pepper salsa. A Perfect summer dinner.


    Rocket and artichoke salad


    250g rocket

    400g Navirroico marinated artichoke hearts, sliced in half

    Small bunch parsley, chopped

    1 tbsp capers

    ½ tin Ortiz anchovies

    1 tbsp Unio chardonnay vinegar

    2 tbsp olive oil

    Juice ½ lemon

    Sobrassada and goats cheese bruschetta


    Sobrassada de Mallorca

    Alemany Orange Blossom Honey

    Soft goats cheese

    Sourdough baguette

    Olive oil



Rocket and artichoke salad

Roughly chop the anchovies and place into a pestle and mortar and bash to a paste and add the parsley and bash a little more. Add the capers, vinegar, olive oil and lemon, season and whisk together.


Place the rocket on the serving platter or bowl and add the artichokes and drizzle over olive oil and toss. Spoon over the caper dressing and serve

Sobrassada and goats cheese bruschetta

Slice your baguette and toast then drizzle with olive oil 


Slice the sobrassada and spread onto the toast. Take a teaspoon of goats cheese and dollop it on top then drizzle over the honey and a little olive oil and sprinkle with chopped basil