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Lucy Carr-Ellison

Where were you born?


Stand out childhood food memory

Fillet of beef – wow! A meal was only complete if chocolate was involved. Cheese and jam sandwiches. Hatred of milk.

What is your favorite time of day?

Early evening. However Sunday mornings are pretty special

Your day-to-day wear –

Jeans, vest and jumper :/

Your dream wear –

Long silk backless dress, super high heels and a glass of vintage champagne

Two people you would like to sit next to at a dinner party..

Gerald Durrell and Leonardo DiCaprio

Best way to spend a hangover

Jumping off a boat into a crystal clear blue sea if possible. If not then a bloody Mary, spicy crab linguini and a movie

If I could be transported right now to one place with one dish and one person it would be…

Ilha Grande, Brazil with my sister eating marinated seared wagu beef

Favorite London restaurant right now

Roka, it ticks all the boxes

If you weren’t living in London…

I would be on a ranch in Argentina with my boyfriend – if he would come with me.

Jemima Jones

Where were you born?


Stand out childhood food memory?

Sitting in Luca, Tuscany, aged 5 with my parents. I ate my first dish of gnocchi and ordered seconds. Oh and also Vietnamese in Toronto.

What is your favourite time of day?

I don’t like choosing favourites but I do feel extra sprightly in the mornings

Your day-to-day wear: 

Boyish and machine washable

Your dream wear:

        In my dream wear I’d look like a chic Parisian babe.

Two people you would like to sit next to at a dinner party.

Patti Smith and then a good flirty boozy man… lets just say Johnny Depp.

Best way to spend a hangover?

Something that involves a lot of chilli and fresh air…preferably on a beach somewhere in Asia. If stuck in London, Pho noodle soup and a walk.

If I could be transported right now to one place with one dish and one person it would be…

Kerala, lobster curry and my boyfriend Ben.

Favourite London restaurant right now

Petersham Nurseries- for its delicious food, presentation and the feeling of escapism from London.

If you weren’t living in London…

Then maybe back to my old haunt NYC, where I met Lucy.