The Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie

Fashion week has sprung upon us yet again, it feels just yesterday that we were setting up for the first show in our new space, now a year ago. We hosted three shows that Feb – Roksanda, London collage of Fashion and Isa Arfen, it was a real pinch me moment as the catwalk was set down the middle of our soon to be restaurant and the seats filled with well respected faces from the industry. A Year on and our restaurant still hasn’t opened and we are still hosting fashion shows, this time next year it will be a different story! Fashion week is a crazy time, there is the glitz and the glamour but there is also the long busy days, that goes on for weeks for many. Working behind the scenes there is little glitz and glamour, just hard graft. Catering for the shows is very different from catering for shoots, there is no time to eat and everyone is running on empty with very little sleep. Our challenge is to come up with something that people can grab on the run that will give them energy and nutrients for the day and will keep you full for as long as possible. And most importantly in the mornings. For this we have taken time and advice on what would be the perfect breakfast smoothie. We have been working on our smoothies for a while now as we have just opened the juice and smoothie bar at Wild by Tart – Tart’s Apothecary. For this we have collaborated with Health is Wealth, run by two trained nutritionists and who know what they are talking about. We have come up with a number of different tonics, smoothies and shots all for different things. If you manage to pop in the health is wealth girls can add all sorts of goodies to your drinks, tailored to how you are feeling. A favourite of ours is adding CBD oil (cannabis oil which is an anti inflammatory, helps with anxiety and stress and aids sleep) For our breakfast smoothie we use oats which are slow releasing energy for endurance, and have a range of amino acids, keeping you full. The avocado is full of good fats, balances your blood sugar and is good for endurance and sanity. The banana is good for energy, contains fibre which is good for digestion, its also a prebiotic which is good for your gut bacteria, potassium which is an electrolyte and important for staying hydrated. Spinach gets your first portion of greens in for the day, is good for the liver and contains antioxidants and vitamins. Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals (and brings a sweetness to the smoothie). Almond butter contains magnesium which is good for stress, as well as balancing the sugars and help turn It into energy rather than fat. And lastly we add the collagen which is great for gut healing, anti-aging and skin elasticity. We often play around with the nut butters, it feels pretty naughty and is damn good with peanut butter.


    Serves 1



    ½ Banana

    1 tbsp scoop Avocado

    2 pitted Dates

    200 ml Almond milk

    1 tbsp Almond butter

    small handful washed spinach

    scoop of oats


Blitz in a blender until smooth, drink immediately.