Cured seabass with chamomile and cucumber water, ginger, coriander and chilli oil

A recipe that we came up with for Nyetimber to pair with their Cuvee Cherie




    Wild sea bass, filleted

    2 tea bags chamomile tea

    15g salt

    20g caster sugar

    zest of 1 lemon

    Groundnut oil for cooking



    4 asparagus spears, woody ends removed

    1 red pepper, quartered and seeds removed

    2 baby courgette

    3 shiitake mushrooms

    A handful of samphire

    1 cucumber



    1" Grated fresh ginger

    1"grated  fresh turmeric

    2 cloves grated garlic

    2 tbsp of chilli sauce

    1tsp of fish sauce

    2 tbsp tamarind (seeded)

    2 tbsp  toasted peanut

    5 tbsp grapeseed oil

    3 tbsp white wine vinegar

    1 tsp brown sugar,

    100 ml water

    Sesame Seeds



    40g kombu

    600ml litre water

    A small handful of dry shiitake

    7 leaves of kaffir lime

    2" chopped ginger

    3 sticks of lemongrass

    2 bags Chamomile tea

    Splash soy sauce

    Spash ginger juice


    To serve

    Apple Blossom

    Pea shoots


Fish: Whiz the chamomile tea, salt and sugar together in a spice grinder then mix in the lemon. Scatter over the fish and press in to both sides, place on a tray and cover with cling film and place in the fridge for 3 hours

Once the fish is cured, slice the sea bass fillets in half. Heat a pan with a little groundnut oil over a medium to high heat. Add the sea bass fillets skin side down for 2 minutes, turn over and fry for a further minute, check they are cooked and remove.


Vegetables: Prepare the vegetables [asparagus, pepper, courgette, mushrooms and samphire] by cutting into chunky 2 inch batons and steam individually for one or two minutes, keeping them aldente. Put the vegetables in the oven for two hours at 65C*.



Blend ginger, turmeric, garlic, chilli sauce, fish sauce, tamarind, toasted peanuts and grapeseed oil to a paste. Cook it down for a couple of minutes and then add white wine vinegar, brown sugar, and water.

Gently coat the dehydrated veg with the sauce, rectify seasoning and add the sesame seeds and cucumber batons.



In a medium pan add the kombu with 600ml litre water and a small handful of dry shiitake, bake at 60C* for 30 minutes.

Then add the kaffir lime leaves, chopped ginger and lemongrass and cook for a further 30 minutes.

Remove from the heat and drop two teabags of chamomile tea in, leave for one minute and pass the stock. Before serving season with soy sauce and a splash of ginger juice.


To serve: Place the vegetables in the middle of the bowl and place a fillet on top. Pour over the dashi stock and dot with chilli oil. Finish with pea shoots and apple blossom.