Warming braised herby green lentils, salty crispy chicken, spices and a tangy yoghurt

This was pretty special, and just what we feel like on a cold, crisp day.


    2 tsp cumin seeds⁣
    2 tsp mustard seeds⁣
    1 tsp fennel seeds⁣
    Two cinnamon sticks⁣
    1 fennel, sliced into thin halfmoons⁣
    1 shallot, diced⁣
    3 inch ginger, peeled and sliced⁣
    3 garlic cloves, sliced⁣
    3 bay leaves⁣
    ½ tsp dried chilli⁣
    4 organic chicken thighs, with skin and bones in⁣
    1.3 litres water (or stock)⁣
    1 tsp turmeric⁣
    200g puy lentils (cooked)⁣
    Handful cavolo nero, stalks removed and finely chopped⁣
    Coriander small bunch- finely chopped with stalks⁣
    Parsley small bunch- just leaves finely chopped⁣
    Honey (optional)⁣

    2 sprigs curry leaves⁣
    2 red chillies- finely sliced⁣
    4 garlic cloves- finely sliced⁣
    ½ tsp nigella seeds⁣

    4 tbsp yoghurt⁣
    1 lime- juice and zest⁣


Serves 4-5⁣

1, Lightly crush cumin, mustard and fennel seeds and then add to a pot with a tbsp coconut oil and the cinnamon sticks, lightly fry then add the sliced fennel, shallots, garlic, ginger, chilli and bay. Sauté for 5-6 minutes until fragrant.⁣

2, Take a sharp knife and carefully slice the bones out of the chicken thighs. Flatten the chicken thighs and generously add sea salt and rub into the skin. Add the four chicken bones to the pot and increase heat and saute for a few minutes, add your water, or stock of choice. Add turmeric and place a lid on for thirty minutes, lower the heat.⁣

3, Add lentils, cavolo nero, chopped herbs and seasoning to the pot. Place the lid back on for five minutes- taste for adjustments. We like a little squeeze of honey!⁣

4, Whilst the lentils are cooking get a skillet pan very hot, add a little oil, and then add the chicken skin down for 15 minutes until crisp. Flip and place into a hot oven for a further 10 minutes. Allow to rest when out, and then slice on the diagonal.⁣

5, In a little frying pan saute your curry leaves, chilli and garlic until fragrant and crisp in a few tbsp of coconut oil. Add the nigella seeds.⁣

6, Mix yoghurt with a generous pinch of sea salt, lime juice and zest.⁣

7, Plate up with the lentils, followed by blobs of yoghurt, sliced chicken and a generous spoonful of tarka⁣.